Meet Dr Clint Thomas

clint_thomasDr Thomas has always had an interest in science, health and fitness. From a young age he was involved in soccer, rugby, swimming, boxing and ju jitsu. He graduated College with an A bursary. Winning two scholarships in science, a scholarship to Singapore and NIWA.

Dr Clint Thomas originally looked into Chiropractic when his Mother could no longer walk due to debilitating pain. Frustrated with Doctors saying they could do nothing; take this drug, take that drug approach but not treating the cause. It didn’t seem like the answer. They only treat symptoms, never fixing the true cause.

After a few weeks of this desperate for help she saw a Chiropractor. Instantly she began to get better and could walk again. Inspired it was from that day onward Dr Thomas looked into it as a career.

Dr Thomas Graduated in the top 3 in his years 2006 Board Exit Exams. So know you are getting the best care in both knowledge and technique. He worked as an associate at various clinics throughout Auckland for 4 years before establishing his own clinic 2011, serving the Pt Chevalier community and surrounding areas.

The latest chapter in his journey began in 2015 with the opening of his New Chiropractic Clinic, Anderson Chiropractic in Point Chevalier. It has a great atmosphere, modern, bright, great parking with extended hours.

His favorite patients are those that have seen Chiropractors before that understand the need for maintenance care. Those that understand a Chiropractors intention is to help the body heal itself.

He treats a wide variety of patients from Professional athlete’s, dancers, builders, lawyer’s, TV producers, teachers, accounting/IT (Tech back), students, mechanics right through to children of all ages and even sometimes pets.

When asked who needs to see a Chiropractor he often Quotes a comical colleague in America saying  – “Anyone with a spine needs to see a Chiropractor, only the spineless don’t”.



Dr Clint Thomas having completed 53 university papers, originally started his tertiary qualifications doing a BSc Marine Biology at Waikato University. Where he won a scholarship to work for NIWA.

He then went on to complete a Diploma of Applied science at AUT with distinction, then onto a Bachelor of Chiropractic at the World renowned New Zealand College of Chiropractic. He graduate in the top 3 of his year.

His graduating year was also the 1st year to be classified as Grade  A Chiropractors. Qualified and trained to treat and also adjust all joints and extremities in the body, not just spine which few people are aware of. He specializes in manual adjustments (by hand) known as Diversified, Gonstead techniques but also utilizes a wide range of other Chiropractic techniques as he understands the uniqueness of each patient. Therefore, treatment options can be adjusted to suit each client. Other techniques used – Applied Kinesiology, Graston, Advanced biostructural techniques. Plus light force techniques such as: Activator, Thompson Drop table, SOT, Percussion, TENS/EMS. Coupled with an extensive knowledge in nutrition, postural rehab, strength and conditioning you will be on the right track in no time.