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Qualified Auckland Chiropractor based in Point Chevalier

  • A well aligned spine will help your body to perform as its best
  • Chiropractic care provides relief to pain and helps to create a stronger spine
  • From fresh injuries to maintaining optimum mobility, we can help you achieve your health goals

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Auckland Chiropractor Point Chevalier

Clint Thomas

Director, Dr of Chiropractic (D.C)

Dr Thomas Graduated in the top 3 in his years Board Exit Exams. So know you are getting the best in care. He worked as an associate at various clinics throughout Auckland for 4 years before establishing his own clinic 2011. Where he worked in serving the Pt Chevalier community and surrounding areas.

On my first visit to Clint I could barely walk through the door, I was in extreme pain having just put out my lower back. Clint saved me from a hospital visit - he corrected my back and restored me to health within weeks. Now my wife and I see Clint every 4 - 6 weeks to keep ourselves in good chiropractic health and prevent future development of problems. Clint is a great person and a very skilled chiropractor (and I've been to several). You can trust him with your health, you're in safe hands.

Niki and Emanuele Pistone

Clint has been an absolute lifesaver. When I met him I could hardly manage day to day tasks without feeling pain in my back and hips from disc protrusions. It took a while to come right but now it is - I feel great! I occasionally feel a pinch and he's always able to remedy that quickly and easily. From chiropractic and cupping to acupuncture - Clint comes highly recommended by me.

Jen Hayes

I have been to many chiropractors, it is great to have finally found one that addresses the problems at the source rather than focusing on temporary relief of symptoms. I have been through chrio's that give tissue massages and preformed ritual adjustments that were not tailored to the needs of the client. It is great to have finally found someone who is giving noticeable results through competent adjustments.

Jarred Thomas

Why choose Anderson Chiropractic?

  • Qualified
    Dr Thomas completed a Diploma of Applied Science at AUT with distinction and a Bachelor of Chiropractic at the world re-known New Zealand College of Chiropractic where he graduate in the top 3 of his year. Qualifications »
  • Flexible Hours
    The Clinic is open Monday to Saturday with two late nights and in the case of urgent care Dr Thomas can be on hand for after hour or at-home appointments. Opening hours »
  • ACC Registered
    We are ACC registered and require no referral to apply for ACC should your injury be the direct result of an accident. Read More »
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5 benefits of chiropractic care

Preventative Pain Management

Back, neck and shoulder pain are common reasons why people visit a chiropractor, but what most people don’t realise is that an adjustment in the spine can not just relieve, but ultimately treat pain throughout your entire body. Regular visits to a chiropractor maintains a healthy spine and a well aligned spine is healthier, stronger and puts less stress on your nervous system.

Improved Posture

Chiropractic adjustments, along with postural exercises, stretches and ergonomic education will greatly improve your posture. It will prevent and even reverse postural changes which would otherwise become permanent with time.

Improved Immune System

Removing interference or pressure from the nervous system enhances not only the bodies overall health but it increase you immune function. If ever you start to feel unwell, always get your spine checked first. As Socrates once said “If you seek the cure to disease look first to the spine”.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility

Movement is life and without it you die. A Nobel prize winner found you get 90% of the nutrients and stimulation to the brain and spinal cord from movement. Nowadays with most jobs requiring people to sit 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, most of us aren’t getting the movement we need.

With misaligned vertebra it can impinge and hinder flexibility as certain joints jam, blocking movement. Increases to movement can be seen immediately after your 1st treatment.

Optimum Body Performance

If you want to perform to your optimum and get the most from your body you have to look after it. From the water you drink to the food you eat to the care you give it.

Studies have shown Chiropractic care can increase speed, reflexes, function, strength, mobility, flexibility and healing. That’s why many of the worlds Top athletes and world champions use Chiropractic care.

Behind the name ‘Anderson’

Named in honour of a great man.
Anderson Chiropractic was named in dedication to Dr Thomas’ Grandfather who was once one of NZ’s top horse trainers, winning the Trillian Trust Auckland Cup in 2006 with his most famous horses Mi Muchacho.

The shield in our logo represents grit & integrity.
Dr Thomas’ Grandfather taught him about honesty, integrity and being a man. He did everything the old fashioned way, without gadgets. He used to speak about ‘true grit’ and ‘work ethic’ and even into his 80’s he continues to be one of the biggest role models in Dr Thomas’ life.

Anderson is the family name.
As a gesture of respect and admiration Dr Thomas chose to name his clinic after his last remaining Grandparent. The man who helped shape who Dr Thomas is today.

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